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FREE Classified Ads!

KHTR Hit Radio, KQQQ NewsTalk and Cactus Computer & Internet have teamed up to bring you the best value in classified advertising - FREE classified ads promoted on the Radio!*  You may have up to ten classified ads running simultaneously free of charge. FREE classified ads are for personal property only including business personal property.  Classified ads selling business inventory and services are charged a small fee.

The advantage to the seller of our FREE online classifieds is that you can sell some of those more unusual items that you would never think to place in a paid newspaper classified.  The advantage to the buyer is that you can find a much larger variety of items for sale than in a newspaper classified section including many low cost and free items.

* PalouseAds as a whole, not individual classified ads, is promoted on the radio greatly increasing readership through "The Power of Radio Advertising".

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